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Liliane Atlan is a postwar French Jewish writer whose plays, poetry and narratives display innovative forms at the limit of written and oral literature. Her theatrical pieces combine poetic language with spectacular visual effects, dramatic rituals with musical accompaniment, and narrative prose with spoken inflections designed for radio performance. 

This site is meant to keep Liliane Atlan's work alive and relevent. It presents her works - theatre plays, creations for the radio, poetry and prose. You are welcome to read, watch and listen. You will find here interviews with Liliane, and with directors and actors from around the word whom she had worked with. There are also many radio interviews, articles, list of books writen about her work, as well as posters, drawing and photos.

The site is still under development. Some of its content is still lacking translation in some of its three languages (French, Hebrew, English). If you have any material you think suit, please contact us. Thank you for your co-operation.

 “I have just understood the fact that I was not born for myself” 

Liliane Atlan, "The Passersby", 1988


“How to integrate within our conscience, without dying in the attempt, the shattering experience of Auschwitz”

Liliane Atlan, Letter, December 4, 1989 


 “The one I used to be no longer exists. But her light shines again. What light ?   

This fight for love in spite of human horror” 

Liliane Atlan, Engrave on my tombstone, 2011



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