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Le reve eng
Le rêve des animaux rongeurs

l’Harmattan, 1998

"At the beginning of their marriage, in the countries which they visited, they bought knives. Neither of them was a collector, they liked knives. They did not use it. From time to time she used to cut his books. She stopped buying knives when she realised she didn't love him any more. One evening, staring at him, she wanted to kill him". The book is in Franch.

petit lexique eng
Petit Lexique Rudimentaire et Provisoire des Maladies Nouvelles

l’Harmattan, 2007

Liliane Atlan laughs and jokes in this book at social sicknesses. She gives a medical name to the The society's ills. She proposes to the reader more and more satiric spirit during alphabetical tours of new sicknesses. This book is in Franch only.

The passerby eng
The Passersby

Translated from the French by Rochelle Owens ; illustrations by Lisa Desimini.

New York : H. Holt, 1993. English.


​As a teenage Jewish girl struggles with anorexia, her decisions about whether or not to live affect those close to her and are influenced by survivors of the Holocaust. Originally published in France in 1988 by Editions Payot under the title "Les passants". Atlan begins her elliptical and haunting novel simply and shockingly: ``In a rich house, in Marseilles, at the end of a war, a young girl is starving herself to death. She is fourteen years old, or fifteen. Her name is No ,--her first name. But I'll get out of it is her last name.''

petites bibles fra
Petites bibles pour mauvais temps

l’Harmattan, 2001

For four evenings, the narrator revisits her life. It is the most personal book of Liliane Atlan. Gérard Israël, Nouveaux Cahiers, on this book -  Liliane Atlan is "one of the greatest writers of the end of the 20'th century". The book is in Franch.

Même les oiseaux ne peuvent pas toujours planer

l’Harmattan, 2007



This book-dialogue results from an experience of collective writing, shot in video in 1977 in the Center Marmottan - hospital for drug addicts. They had expressed themselves by the theater, by means of metaphors. The book is in Franch.

Même les oiseaux
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