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Productions for Radio France Culture


Between the years 1969-1998, France Culture radio in France diffused thirteen works of Liliane Atlan. Here is an interview with Lucien Attoun, the founder and producer of "the New Dramatic Repertoire" channel (1969-2002), which included Liliane Atlan among other new French authors. Here, in the right, is the entire list of her producions at France Culture Radio. Those that are accessible here have not been subtitled yet in Hebrew nor in English. 



The entire list of Liliane Atlan's diffusions at France Culture Radio
quelque pages/opera

Broadcasted recently, on 16.8.2015, "The Great Classics of Repertoir" on the radio station France Culture, with an homage to director and actor Roland Monod who passed away on 18.7.15

For the interview with Roland Monod press here.


l'amour elementaire eng
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