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Family Biography

Bernard Kühl About Liliane Atlan

Bernard Kühl was 19 when he was released from the concentration camp Auschwitz. He was adopted by Marguerite and Elie Cohen, French Jews from Salonika, and told their young daughter Lillian Atlan about his horrid experiences during the war. When she grew up, she was able to put in words these inhumane experiences into playwrights and poems, as she became a French writer. Her works have been translated into several  languages, ​​including Hebrew, English, German and Japanese.

Bernard Kühl has been interviewed in Paris, by Michael Atlan and Olivia Zarcate, in November 2014.

Elie Cohen, Liliane's father

Margarite and Elli Cohen

on their wedding

Bernard Kuhl ENG

Liliane with her father,

on her wedding

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