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Theater artists talk about Liliane Atlan (Hebrew, Franch)

Interview with Roland Monod


Atlan made her beginnings by publishing in 1958 a collection of poems named "Les Mains Coupeuses de Memoire" ("Hands Cutting Memory"). During the following twenty years, she wrote mainly for the theater. Roland Monod was the first performance director who created "Mister Fugue", at first in 1967 at the Theater of St. Etienne and subsequently in 1968 at the National Theater of Paris. In 1972, this playwright was translated into Hebrew by Haim Gouri and played at the Giora Godick Theater of Tel Aviv in Israel, under the direction of David Bergman. This playwright has been translated in many languages, created on stage various times and honored by rewards. Roland Monod died on July 18th 2015.





Interview with David Bergman


David Bergman, the theater director and creator, directed Liliane Atlan's playwright firstly in 1972 at the Giora Godick Theater of Tel Aviv in Israel, and subsequently in Belgium. In an interview with Michael Atlan he speaks about his first encounter with Liliane Atlan and her work, and about the impact of this relationship in the context of his personal experience as a child during the Holocaust.


roland monod eng

Interview with Ezra Dagan


Ezra Dagan, known until then mainly as a comic comedian, participated in 1972 in the rehearsals of the playwright "Mister Fugue", written by Liliane Atlan, and directed by David Bergman. Dagan played the role of Yossele, one of the four children sent in a truck to their death by the Nazis. In a recent interview with Michael Atlan, he tells us the impact of this role on himself and on his career all along the years, up to today where he is still working on the Shoah theme. 




Interview with Amir Orian


The role of Mr. Fugue, in Liliane Atlan's playwright "Mr. Fugue", has been played by Amir Orian, in 1972, at the Giora Godick Theater in Tel Aviv in Israel. Mr. Fugue is a Nazi soldier, either simple minded  or under an emotional choc. David Bergman's style of work, based on hints and Liliane Atlan's lyric style, opened the debutant comedian that he was then, a window into a new form of theater, that communicates in a different way with the audience. This form of theater is still of an interest to him in his current work.    

Interview with Lucien Attoun


Lucien Attoun is a theatre and radio man, the co-founder of Théâtre Ouvert and a critic for France Culture for close to 40 years. Between the years 1969-1998, France Culture radio in France diffused thirteen works of Liliane Atlan.  


Interview with Avivit Shaked


Avivit Shaked is a theatre director, playwright, group facilitator of community theater. She is also the founder of INSTED - ISRAEL,  International Theatre Directors Lab.
Her final directing project, while studing for her MFA at the University of Tel Aviv, was "Mister Fugue or Earth Sick" by Lilliane Atlan. The production on June 2010 was a very successful one and continued to Tzavta Theater in Tel Aviv. In this Interview Shaked recalls the working process, in which the actors were meeting holocaust survivors, and regrets for not meeting Lilliane Atlan.

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