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Liliane Atlan's theatrical pieces combine poetic language with spectacular visual effects, dramatic rituals with musical accompaniment, and narrative prose with spoken inflections designed for radio performance. 

The Old City

The Master Bitter Waters, 2007

"La Vieille Ville", The Old City, the first title of the five volumes in "The Master Bitter Waters" portrays several characters trapped in the old city of Jerusalem - where Jews were established for always - besieged by the Arab Legion in 1948. The aim of this episode lies in the metaphysical debate wagging characters endowed with self-mockery : the identity of the man in his relationship to religion.

The Old City ENG
Monsieur Fugue ou le mal de terre

Paris, 1967

"Mister Fugue or the Earth Sicknessh" is Based on a real incident of the Holocaust, the play opened at the Comédie Saint Etienne in Paris in 1967 under the direction of the well-known avant-garde theater director, Roland Monod. 

The play tells about the four last children that survived in the ghetto, loaded on a track by a Nazi soldier, Monsieur Fugue, and taken to the place from where they will not return. The children know what is expecting them, but the power of survival, instructor them to an imaginary reality, in which they play games with the soldier.​

Liliane Atlan has been awarded the Habimah and the Mordechai Anielewicz prizes in Israel in 1972 for "Monsieur Fugue"



Monsieur Fugue ENG
Un opéra pour Térézin

L’Avant-Scène Théâtre 1997


This is the booklet of the history of musicians, detained in the ghetto of Terezinshtadt, who played, starving,  almost without instruments, quartets, operas, they staged Verdi's Requiem - they constantly had to reconstitute the chorus because of the deportations - and they marched to their deaths murmuring to themselves the Requiem. 

Each and every year their descendants relive their story by commemorating the ceremony of the Opera.


Une Opera ENG
The Red Seas

Un conte à plusieurs voix

Les Mers Rouges, Cinq conteurs racontent, comme un conte, une longue histoire qui fut vraie : celle des Juifs de Salonique, dont il ne reste presque personne, et presque rien.
Ils s'appuient sur les témoignages des survivants, sur les chansons d'amour venues de l'Espagne de l'âge d'Or, chantées pendant les longues années d'exil, jusque devant la porte des crématoires. Ils tentent de retrouver quelques éclats d'une parole étouffée dans les flammes. Ils veulent mettre en paix l'âme des disparus en retrouvant leurs dernières paroles.

The Red Seas ENG
La petite voiture de flammes et de voix

Seuil 1971


La petite voiture ENG
Leçons de bonheur

Le Crater, 1997


Leçons de bonheur ENG
Les musiciens, les émigrants

édition des Quatre-Vents, 1993


Les musiciens, les émigrants ENG
Les Messies ou le mal de terre

Seuil, version entièrement refondue


Les Messies ou le mal de terre ENG
Je m’appelle Non

L’École des Loisirs, Collection « Théâtre », 1998.

la Bête aux Cheveux Blancs

The Master Bitter Water, Five Theatre Titles. L'Harmattan 2007


Les Ânes Porteurs de Livres

The Master Bitter Water, Five Theatre Titles. L'Harmattan 2007


Petit lexique rudimentaire et provisoire des maladies nouvelles

The Master Bitter Water, Five Theatre Titles. L'Harmattan 2007


Les Portes

The Master Bitter Water, Five Theatre Titles. L'Harmattan 2007

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