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Mister Fugue


This page is about the play " Mister Fugue or Earth Sickness" ( monsieur fugue ou le mal de terre ) –  Lillian Atlan's most successful work. The play opened at the Comédie Saint Etienne in France in 1967 under the direction of the well-known avant-garde theater director, Roland Monod. The play tells about the four last children that survived in the ghetto, loaded on a track by a Nazi soldier, Monsieur Fugue, and taken to the place from where they will not return. It was played the year after in Paris, by the national theater of Paris ( the tnp ), also in the direction of Rolan Monod. It was the first work of Lillian Atlan that won an international success. the play was translated  to English, German, italian and Hebrew, and had been produced in France, Israel, United States, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Holland and Poland. Liliane Atlan has been awarded the Habimah and the Mordechai Anielewicz prizes in Israel in 1972 for "Monsieur Fugue", translated by Haim Gouri. Here you will find some links to  studies and to e articles about the play, links to interviews with theatre artists who dealed with the play and photo galleries of productions. If you have an additional information on producions of the play, we will be happy to cooperate, please sent us mail

The Play in Books
Anthologie - Fugue, Messiahs, Carriage - cover - Modern Literat_edited

3 Theatre Pieces: An Anthology

Monsieur Fugue ou le mal de terre

The Play in Franch

Monsieur Fugue ou le mal de terre

The Play in Franch, Seuil Edition

Monsieur Fugue ou le mal de terre

The Play in Italian

plays of the holocaust

An International Anthology

Mister Slik

The Play in Hebrew

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