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Hillside Theatre


The Theatre of Versant - Hillside Theatre – the Biarritz International Theatrical Research Centre - has been especially important for the creation of some works of Liliane Atlan. Its artistic director, Gaël Rabas, had conquered the total confidence of Liliane Atlan. He first crated "The Musicians, the Emigrants", in 1984, which was repeated with success in later years in various places in France. His theatre furthermore created "Mr. Fugue" and "Rodent animals", and also participated in 1994 in a tribute to Liliane Atlan in the Avignon Festival, which included excerpts of various of her works. Photos, posters and press excerpts related to three of Atlan's works can be found in this page. To the homage for Liliane Atlan 

"Liliane Atlan's work has enchanted our theater's history: "The Musicians, the Emigrants" after "Mr. Runaway", "The Rodent  Animals' Dream" and "A theater of the Speech", a homage in Avignon and even more projects for days to come, as "The Messiahs" and especially the glorious "Opera for Theresienstadt" – this  dazzling intuition of a "Theater in Stars".

Liliane Atlan has enchanted my life.

She has transmitted to me what she names:

"The flavor of living,

The endowment to love". "  

Gaël Rabas

Théâtre du Versant, Biarritz, France.
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